Manpower contract service


Apart from our construction and other related businesses we are proud to be a licensed manpower provider. We have started this service to complement the needs of our own construction business as well as meet the growing needs of the Sultanate’s labour market. What differentiates us is that our dedicated, qualified team of HR professionals ensures that there is a ‘perfect fit’ between the requirements of the employer and the skills of the employee to ensure greater satisfaction of our clients. This also saves the employer and employee from disputes. We also provide unskilled, semi-skilled and highly-skilled workers all depending on the clients’ needs. Our services include providing manpower in different industries from oil and gas to construction to services industries such as banking, hospitality, and telecommunications and so on. Our vast resources and international contacts enable us to meet unforeseen demands that our clients’ may have. However, we recommend that you inform us well in advance so that delays in government paper works do not cause any delay in your lead time. You can be rest assured to get the best people for your organization handpicked to ensure your success.

As a responsible, licensed and a quality manpower service provider we have our own unique system of recruitment which includes basic training on HSE issues, the employee’s rights and obligations under Omani Labor Law. This is specially done for un-skilled or semi skilled workers to avoid any confusion on either parties. As an organization committed to the welfare of all and in compliance with the policies as a licensed manpower provider in the Sultanate we are in compliance with the best practices.